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this is my educational journey:

Qualifications:          BA Degree in Graphic Design (MGI)

                               Certificate in Copywriting (AAA)

                               Certificate in online marketing (UCT)

                               PGcHE (UP) - Cum Laude

                               Masters in Education: ICT (UJ) - Cum Laude
Subject Field:            Graphic Design and Copywriting/ Education/ ICT
Faculty:                    Humanities - Arts & Communication/ Education

About me:

I am passionate about teaching and learning (and the facilitation thereof) which is how I landed up becoming a lecturer during the mid-to-latter half of my twenties. My desire for knowledge and to impart it made the decision to leave the advertising industry a very natural choice. That being said, I still freelance as I believe that my contact with the "outside world" is a huge bonus for my students as I am able to connect them with the right people, take them on exciting field trips and also to remain contemporary in terms of the work that I need them to understand in order to become the successful designers and copywriters they are meant to be. This ensures that I am actively engaged with ensuring my students are 'current' and will leave our degree as sought after designers and thinkers.

My teaching has not only been shaped by my connection with the current world of design but also by my love for technology and my passion for finding the beautiful links that life has waiting in every corner for all of us to explore and discover. These elements help me to focus a great deal of attention on showing my students that everything is intricately woven together and it takes a keen eye and a sense of exploration to discover these beautiful idiosyncrasies. I also believe in teaching each student as an individual over a group as each person has an individual personality crying out to be noticed. This personalised teaching helps me to get the best from each of my students as I am willing to spend the extra time getting to know them as well as how this then relates to the work they produce. 

I have (over the past five years) moved into the world of online learning as it combines my passion for technology and teaching. I am continuously strategising to find better ways to facilitate design and mentorship through both synchronous and asynchronous online methods. 

A few tests:

So even though there is a lot to be said for the legitimacy of personality tests and multiple intelligences - I thought I would share my profile with you as a possible taste of who I am as a person and lecturer - I am obviously WAY better in person.

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