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My teaching vision and goals within my practice

My teaching/ developing vision can be understood by looking at the above images.

I envision my practise as an African melting pot where (my diverse African) learners make meaning. To achieve this I try to create a learning environment where students are encouraged to:

  • Create a shared meaning between themselves (and the different groups). This also includes the facilitators (such as myself) who should contribute to the socio-constructive aspect of creating a universal understanding through discussion. This is represented by the various hands and the calabash ... we all sample from this pot of knowledge and share it among each other as one would do in African cultures. We each add our own 'flavour' to this pot and SHARE.

  • Take part in co-operative learning opportunities. This assists students in creating a shared vision. This is imperative in terms of having "call to action" because vision without action is futile. This knowledge (or the goal of knowledge) is represented by the elephant who according to legend "never forgets" and tends to travel in family groups. The bushman paintings represent that "hunt" for the knowledge.

  • Become a reflective learner - one who is continuously looking back at their actions and implementing new concepts into their lives in order to move forward. This reflection leads to envisioning their goals and the ultimate VISION. This is shown by "Rafiki" - the meditating monkey.

This continuous process should never end. Even when students leave they should realise that it is cyclical and linked. While we may all envision our "end" goal, each goal will essentially lead to further learning and knowledge acquisition.

If we look at that fire ... I want to be that lecturer/ developer/ instructional designer who ignites the flames of learning. I want to provide the kindling to spark the fiery need to understand and seek knowledge. I also want to create and provide the experience for an emotional connection between learning and facilitating. This cannot be removed as it is a connection to my own joy and love for learning and ultimately teaching.

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